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today’s selfie: spirit fingers and cropped sweaters ftw

today’s selfie: spirit fingers and cropped sweaters ftw

Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's

My friend’s dad passed away last winter while she was taking her last final exams of senior year. He was taken away entirely too soon by a disease that isn’t fully understood. If you’re feeling charitable and hate untimely deaths, donate to her team to raise money for awareness and research. 


hey. BOYS. don’t let other bro-dudes trick you into thinking that it’s UNMANLY to FEEL things. or that  GENTLENESS or ALLOWING TENDERNESS is a WEAKNESS. because it’s NOT. it’s one of the most POWERFUL things you can DO for yourself. *flips over a table angrily* 

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wearing shorts and tshirts on cold winter days to prove your dominance to your peers

so that’s what middle school is all about

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this is going to be a long and very  busy semester of wrecking my body because I literally cannot get all of this work done and still enjoy me senior year of college!